Beacons Creative (Wales) Limited is a unique social firm producing candles and related products whilst providing employment opportunities for people with learning difficulties and those furthest from the workforce.

Born out of an eleven-year day care service provided by Powys County Council, Beacons Creative, with the help of Social Firms Wales, was externalised in June 2009 to become a company limited by guarantee. The Company's objective is to develop sales, create new products, provide employment opportunities for service users within a safe and caring environment, and transform this day care service into a successful and profitable business.

Beacons Creative is led by a strong voluntary board of directors who were brought together to provide leadership, a broad range of management skills and a wealth of experience. They give up their time to oversee the legal, strategic and financial management of the Company. With the continued support of Powys County Council the business is growing and signs indicate a very positive outlook for this social firm. Since our launch we have created many new products and secured significant funding to further develop these into commercially viable, mainstream products.

It is heartening to know that the vision and ambition of Powys County Council is backed up by the strident efforts of individuals who share our passion for success and who are realising the business model and who's empathy towards the service users and staff is self-evident the moment you walk through the door.

Beacons Creative's unique approach to business is proving that through the social firms model local authorities can build successful businesses that meet both their commercial and social aspirations.