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We are a new and unique social firm producing a range of wax-based products such as our beautiful candles and luxury cone firelighters. Using recycled  materials whenever possible.

We began life in 1999 as Beacons Candles, a local authority day care service for people with learning difficulties and disabilities run by Powys County Council. It was following an enquiry about employment opportunities from one of the service users that the idea of becoming an independent business was formed. 


Finally, after an enormous amount of will, effort and belief, Powys County Council, with the support of Social Firms Wales, externalised the day care service and in June 2009 Beacons Creative Wales Limited was born. 

The underlying mission of our social enterprise is to provide employment and training opportunities in a safe and caring environment.

Please note: Candles no longer come boxed as shown as we are trying to drive down costs and reduce the impact we are having on the environment.